We are the Southwest's premier Sexy Maid and Handsome Butler cleaning referral service! We assist our French Maid and Butlers in finding pre-screened cleaning clientele and train them to provide excellent service with goal of creating a long term relationship with the clientele.   

 Our Sexy Maids & Handsome Butlers will assist you in general household cleaning and other boring weekend chores, so that you can enjoy yours!  Our Maids & Butlers come to you home and provide regular scheduled cleanings and organizational services that fit every person's budget.   

​So who are our Maids & Butlers? Most are looking for a good part time business while they are either attending schools, working during the day, or have children to care for and simply want the flexibility in having their own business.

Our Maids are all independent business owners who offer a very competitive price in comparison with other basic cleaning companies.  They pride themselves in creating a long term cleaning customer relationship with repeat quality service that is flexible for every customer's budget and schedule.  So why would anyone hire a regular Maid?!?

Thorough, Affordable, and Sexing Cleaning Services

We Use Green Cleaning Materials Upon Request.

Welcome to the French Maid Connection!

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